I am experienced and very familiar with many I.T. systems and applications having been brought up with computers from a young age. My father bought a number of early home computers throughout the 1970s and early 1980s (ZX-80/81, BBC Micro etc.) and after initially learning to type programs into them, I eventually started programming my own. I was active in computer clubs at St. Michael’s and Blundell’s Schools and I started work in the Finance Industry as soon as my ‘A’ levels were complete.

After 17 years working in the Finance sector (and a few bouts of travelling/backpacking in the 1990s) I set up my own I.T. business in 2005. This was active for a further 17 years and encompassed a huge array of problems/solutions for a wide variety of clients.

I am familiar with the following software, hardware and technologies:
– Project Management software, methodologies and frameworks
– Waterfall, Gantt Charts and Agile project management
– Kanban and Scrum frameworks
– Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Planner, Project
– Windows Server (2000-2022), Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Powershell etc.
– EtherNet, patch panels, routers, hubs, switches, bridges etc.
– Sharepoint/Teams/Microsoft 365
– Microsoft Outlook/Exchange server
– Microsoft To Do/Planner/Lists/Project/
– Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird
– HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL and CMS systems, predominantly WordPress