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Projects are incredibly satisfying to progress and complete. In my experience, the project manager needs to exercise careful planning and control throughout as well as acute attention to detail and strong organisational skills. In addition to this, the project manager needs to take into account the people involved in the project and try to work to everyones’ strengths as much as possible. Understanding the human and technical components of a project is paramount.

Perhaps the most important part of project management is keeping a close eye on the overall goal whilst not losing track of every single detail that will be required to ensure the project’s success.

I have undertaken and successfully completed many hundreds of projects in my career and I am still aware that every single project is unique and needs care and attention in order to achieve successful completion. I am well-versed and comfortable with the more traditional linear project management methodology, known as Gantt Charts or Waterfall. I am also an advocate for Agile project management, where appropriate. understanding these two main methodologies so well allows me to decide the best methodology to apply to each project I am managing.