Work Search – Project examples

1993 (Invesco International)
– Migrated 90 users across 4 floors of the building from a mix of IBM LAN Server and Microsoft LAN Manager to Novell Netware 3.11. This involved planning and testing with a single PC then rolling it out manually one computer at a time, one department at a time.

1994 (Invesco International)
– Taught myself Microsoft QuickBasic to allow the company to automate some time-consuming tasks. One example of this was to automate a daily feed via modem from Midland Bank. The downloaded file was parsed using a program that I wrote, which then converted the relevant data into a much more human-readable CSV file. This was then imported into a PC for the department to access. This saved the department involved approximately 2 hours per day scanning a complex text file to get the relevant information.

1994 (Invesco International)
– Hand-built 90 new PCs with a mix of DOS and OS/2 operating systems and gradually rolled these out to users throughout the company to replace their old PCs. This took roughly 2 months to complete.

1995 (Royal Bank of Canada)
– Built a DOS menu system for all users to allow quicker and easier access to the various in-house banking systems and desktop apps (Lotus 123, WordPerfect, Databank etc.). This meant users only needed to navigate a DOS menu system with arrow keys, rather than having to manually run programs from the DOS command line.

1995 (Coopers & Lybrand)
– Assisted with the improvement of the Helpdesk system with particular emphasis on analytics and reports for Senior Management.

1995 (Hill Samuel)
– Managed a complete overhaul and modernisation of the computer/server room and patch panels/network equipment.
– Set up a new office area with networking capability across the street using a T1 line to connect both sides.

1999 (KPMG)
– I devised the idea of an Intranet in the Jersey office. It contained useful information for all users. It was simply a set of HTML pages stored on a network share that was permissioned so that users could edit/update as required. Eventually I migrated this to IIS on a server.

– Tasked with separating the network completely from KPMG and isolate the company on a single floor of the building. This was a collaborative project with the electricians, builders and trust company partners to ensure a successful outcome.
– I also sourced and built new servers and re-configured the existing client PCs and printers to connect to the new servers.
– Supported the servers, desktops and infrastructure for a year single-handed.

2001 (MRI/IFM)
– Supported 3 businesses in 3 separate locations around St Helier, each with a different server/network system.
– Once new office-space had been leased, I was tasked with designing a project to merge all 3 businesses into 2 adjacent offices. This involved liaison with builders, electricians, the moving company and the users since we needed to move every single piece of hardware into the new premises over a single weekend and ensure that everything was in the correct place and working by Monday morning.
– Once this initial move had been completed, I then devised a project to migrate the 3 separate groups of users onto a Windows 2000 Server network so that they could all start communicating and sharing resources. Initially I built 3 Windows 2000 Servers (Domain Controller/File/Print, Exchange server and SQL server) and networked them. Then, again over a weekend, I migrated the 3 separate server systems (Windows NT Server, Microsoft Small Business Server and Novell Netware 4) onto these newly-built Windows 2000 servers. I migrated the users onto them one-by-one, moving their data from the old servers to the new ones and setting up user accounts/groups, shares, permissions, printers etc.
– Once some time had passed to allow me to solve any outstanding issues and fine-tune the systems, I managed to get the support calls down to an average of 1 per week for 90 users.
– As well as allowing the users to work more efficiently with minimal downtime, this allowed time for more project work and I set up a Computer Users Group for ideas for projects and improvements to the systems.