Literature – For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed reading and I read everything from classic literature to more contemporary works. I also read classic and modern hard science fiction and horror novels. I also devour books on famous historic battles and figures and my guilty pleasures are graphic novels and comic books with well-written stories and deep characters.

Aviation – My Dad was a Royal Air Force pilot and subsequently an Air Traffic Controller so I have always had a strong interest in aviation. At a young age, I used to climb out of my bedroom window onto the garage roof and spot planes for hours. Ever since flight sims became available on computers, I have enjoyed testing myself with take-offs, navigation and landings. I still find time now and then to play the modern iterations of Microsoft Flight Simulator and I ran a flight simulation virtual airline and community forum for 15 years from 2006 to 2021.

Music – I play electric guitar and bass as a form of relaxation rather than in a live setting. I have been playing guitar since I picked a battered one up at school in around 1985 and have been teaching myself ever since. I picked up the bass in 2020 during the first set of lockdowns and taught myself to play.

Movies – I have developed a very keen interest in movies for both entertainment value and critical analysis.