Hardware supply

I am now supplying hardware and software direct from UK suppliers with very competitive pricing. Delivery is usually 2-3 working days and all quoted prices include GST and delivery charges so there are no surprises!

This has been a popular service for clients since I am effectively a one-stop shop and if there are any problems with the purchase, my clients know that they will get my full attention and a speedy resolution to the issue. A shop will generally just point you to the manufacturer and wash their hands of it (this is mostly due to the manufacturer warranties and not always the fault of the shop). However I am always willing to look at the problem first-hand before deciding whether to call in the warranty or not and this can often save unnecessary returns to the manufacturer and can avoid lengthy delays too!

I can supply and install:

– Computers (PCs, laptops, iMacs, tablets etc.)
– Printers/all-in-ones
– Peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice etc.)
– Software (Windows, Microsoft Office etc.)
– Security software

Please visit the contact page to have a chat about your requirements and to request a quotation.