Computer support

The services that I am able to offer are extremely varied – one minute I will be repairing a Windows problem, the next replacing some damaged hardware and everything in-between!

However some examples of available services are:

– Security advice, virus checks and the installation of effective security software
– Advising on a backup strategy
– Broadband installations
– Supplying fairly-priced hardware and software direct from UK suppliers
– Troubleshooting all desktop problems whether hardware or software
– Personalised onsite training
– High-quality (but not high-priced) website design
– Hardware/software installation and configuration
– Solving printer/scanner/digital camera and other peripheral hardware problems
– Internet and e-mail installation and configuration
– Reformatting and rebuilding your computer in the event of a serious problem
– Revealing how to get the most from your installed software

Perhaps the best part of the service is that you don’t have to bring your computer to me, since I always visit you in the comfort of your own home and I always carry a wide array of spare parts.

The above services are just an indicator of what I can provide so please feel free to ask about anything computer-related as I will be able to help you.