– Sound engineer in the school play “Death on the Ocean Wave” (1983)
– Took 10 wickets in an innings in a school cricket match (1983)
– Played drums on stage in a school music production (1987)
– Played the dead body in the school play “The Real Inspector Hound” (1988)
– Travelling through USA, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, including crossing the USA solo in a car in under 48 hours (1991)
– Set up a training business to train users in the use of Windows 95 and Office 95 (1996)
– Backpacking for just over a year through 20 countries (1996-1997)
– Resumed the training business for another year or so at a few larger clients (1997-1998)
– Was a phone-a-friend on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” (1999)
– Married my partner of 12 years Peta (2001)
– Set up and ran my own I.T. business (2005)
– Had our first child, Tom (2006) and our second child, Alex (2010)