About me

My name is Tim Clayton and I am an ex-finance industry professional with nearly 20 years of technical experience providing I.T. support within the finance sector. I have a proven track record for problem-solving, setting up and maintaining security systems and have had extensive experience managing a wide variety of projects.

Some of my past roles in the finance industry were at management level and whilst being interesting in many ways, I reached a point where I felt that I had reached the peak of realistic achievement in this sector. I also found that with higher-level positions, I was less able to be as “hands-on” as I would like to be. After all, to a large degree solving problems is what working in the I.T. sector is all about.

I therefore took the plunge and opened for business in October 2005. It has given me the opportunity to solve a wide variety of problems for people and have the benefits (and occasional downsides too!) of working for myself and running my own business.

My computer experience is detailed below:

1969 – Born in Jersey.

1970s – My Dad brought home a number of different home-build
computer kits which my brother and I managed to get to play with.

1981 – We finally got our first real computer, the Sinclair ZX-81
(with a whopping 1K of RAM) and I started learning BASIC
programming language so I could write my own games.

1982 – The ZX-81 was quickly replaced with the BBC Micro Model B
(32K of RAM and colour too) and I continued learning BASIC and
wrote a number of games on it. Also co-authored a 3-D fractal
landscape generator with a mathematician friend.

1980s – Was heavily involved in the school computer club for a
number of years.

1988 – Started work in the finance industry working as an assistant
to the Computer Manager at Matheson Trust Company.

1989 – Attended Highlands College to do a 1-year BTec course
“Computers with Business” which involved many disciplines
including programming, double-entry book-keeping systems and
computer networking.

1990 – My first bout of the travelling bug – went back-packing
with a friend through the United States, Hawaii, New Zealand and

1991 – Joined Invesco as a PC/Network Administrator and spent 3
years learning all about Desktop PCs, Windows, networking (Novell
Netware 3.11) and AS/400 mainframe systems.

1994 – Spent the next 2 years in various contract positions
(Royal Bank of Canada, Coopers & Lybrand and Hill Samuel amongst
others) to learn as much of the business as I could by getting
the widest experience possible.

1996 – Second bout of the travelling bug – took just over a year
back-packing through Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific
Islands, visiting 26 countries in all.

1997 – On my return to the Island, I commenced a temporary
training business with a few large clients who needed their
employees gradually trained in using Windows, Word and Excel.

1999 – Once the training had been completed, I started working for
KPMG as their I.T. Assistant Manager – plenty of desktop support,
networking skills (this time, Windows NT) and managed many large
projects over the 2 years. Single-handedly managed the I.T. side
of the breakaway of the Trust Company and spent a year transforming
the systems in preparation for a buyout.

2001 – Joined Moores Rowland/IFM as their I.T. Manager and spent my
first year managing the merger of all 3 companies in the group from
3 separate locations into 2 adjacent sites. This included linking
the 2 adjacent sites and managing all I.T. support and project work
single-handedly going forward. I set up an I.T. User Group where
users could request projects. The position also included preparing
board reports and managing the entire I.T. budget.

2005 – In October I was finally able to open my business and spent
the next year handing out flyers and generally getting the word out.

2015 – My 10th year of running the business and now have 500+ clients.